Climathon 2019 now open for registration

Climate-KIC Australia, is thrilled to invite participants to register for the 2019 Climathon in Sydney!

Now more than ever, we need innovative, grassroots action to tackle the challenges of climate change.

We have seen, especially over the past few weeks, how when people decide to take real action, and put their minds, time and effort behind doing good for the planet, it can create a huge global impact.

Are you ready to accelerate climate action in Sydney? Do you have ideas in your mind that await execution? Are you willing to use your skills for the better? Now’s your chance to contribute to transformational climate action with Climathon in Sydney.

At the Sydney Climathon, we will kick off after work on October 25, and then meet again the next morning for a full day of hacking one of the most pressing climate challenges facing the city: extreme temperatures.

We’ve teamed up with Munich Re and Resilient Sydney to bring to Sydney an ambitious, solutions-hackathon that will leverage climate risk data provided by Munich Re.  Not confident with data-based innovation? We’ve got you covered. We’ll be working with Civita, experts in data hackathons and demystifying data analytics to deliver a pre-hack event to help understand how to work with and interpret our data.

What is Climathon?

Happening simultaneously around the world on 25 October, this event is inspired by the world of hackathons. Participants are invited to collaborate on imagining innovative solutions to specific climate-related challenges.

What started out as a one-off event has already become a global movement focusing on engaging citizens on climate action. Several ideas have also turned into real-life, efficient opportunities for cities to reduce their impact on the environment.

Almost 70 cities worldwide are accepting registrations and dozens more will soon be ready for sign-up. Click here to see all participating cities and get involved!

Climathon – How Does It Work?

Upon registering for the Climathon, participating cities are tasked with identifying specific, climate-related challenges they wish participants to tackle during the Climathon.

Participation is open to entrepreneurs, students, policy makers as well as any individual interested in actively contributing to fight climate change in their city. After forming teams, they are free to fully dedicate themselves to brainstorming ideas before developing their favourite one.

Participants are able to connect with city officials while sharing their vision for a healthier city and can actively contribute to shaping the future of their own town.

A Unique Chance to Make an Impact

The Climathon is a tremendous opportunity for citizens to take meaningful action to fight climate change in their city. Participants are given a unique chance to be heard by local policy makers while playing an active role in shaping the future of their city.

Aspiring entrepreneurs are also encouraged to turn their innovative climate solution into a business and can be eligible for ongoing financial and logistic support from local institutions.

By collaborating with like-minded people, participants are able to join the Climathon movement and to reach a global audience thanks to their climate opinions and unique solutions.


Are you interested in getting involved with this year’s Climathon? Register today and help us effectively tackle climate change thanks to your vision for more sustainable cities!