30 November 2022, Sydney – It’s been five years since Climate-KIC Australia officially opened our doors, with an ambition to catalyse climate action in Australia through collaborative innovation. Since then, we have been hard at work building more than 20 large-scale projects and programs in collaboration with over 100 partners across government, industry, R&D and the broader innovation community.

While we are proud of the collective impact of our work to date, we recognise the need to amplify our ambition, to move beyond single-point intervention towards coordinating at strategic leverage points where the greatest impact can be realised.

This requires new ways of working, new collaborations, and mechanism to coordinate diverse activities to move multiple levers in our systems in coordinated and connected ways. Climate-KIC Australia was formed with the specific intention of driving systems transformation. Our approach provides structure for communities to come together to identify portfolios of interventions that will create transformation.

Despite the continued challenges and the devastating impact of Covid-19 locally and internationally, Climate-KIC’s Impact Report 2021-22 shows the significant progress we are making as an organisation with our partners. We are growing our organisation, increasing the variety and scale of our activities and invigorating our approaches.

This year has seen us further increase our focus on processes for system innovation. We have built capacity within our organisation and leveraged our close relationship with EIT Climate-KIC and their work in the space. As a result, we have more robust systems and processes to facilitate system innovation and our programs of work are showing the benefits.

We spent time during 2021-2022 working with our Board and partners to refine our strategy and proudly launched Climate Action through Systems Innovation recently in October 2022. This new strategy will guide our actions to achieve system transformation over the coming years. However, this current 2021-2022 impact report references our previous strategy which was in place during this financial year.

2021-2022 has welcomed one new member to our board. who together with our continuing members is enhancing governance processes and positioning the organisation for further growth.

Climate-KIC looks forward to working with our collaboration network to help Australia face the growing threat of climate change and seize the opportunity of a zero-carbon, climate resilient, just green economy.

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