Systems Innovation Framework

principles, processes, tools and ways of working

Levers of Change

Systems change is not built on single solutions or technological improvements. It needs action on a wide range of change levers all at once: connecting, testing, integrating, and seeking catalytic and exponential effects.

As we work together with people and groups of organisations through our collaboration network we use the levers of change in the positioning of interventions in portfolios and in the design of projects, programs and strategic engagements for systems impact.


System Innovation Principles

  • We work with systems that range in scale, scope and level (including place-based, technical systems, social systems, and industry systems).
  • A portfolio approach makes it possible to: explore system elements, relationships, and dynamics, to design and manage coordinated and connected interventions across multiple levers of change.
  • We learn by doing through exploration and experimentation, learning fast from experience what’s needed, where and why.

How you can get involved

Together with our collaboration network, we apply these tools in a flexible and pragmatic manner, drawing in complementary approaches, depending on the need. Systems innovation is not linear; in practice it is iterative and unpredictable. The Framework provides the scaffolding for working together on a system in a structured and methodical way.

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Our systems innovation team

Chris Lee
CEO Climate-KIC Australia
Meredith England
Director - Systems Innovation Climate-KIC Australia

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