ClimateLaunchpad 2019

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Dates and Locations

Locations Old Perth Boys’ School
139 St Georges Tce
Perth, WA, 6210
Boot camp 19-20 July 2019
Hosted by Curtin University
Webinar 1: Assumptions, experience design, customer discovery 25 July 2019, 15:30-16:30
Webinar 2: Competitive advantages 1 August 2019, 15:30-16:30
Webinar 3: Your perfect pitch 8 August 2019, 17:30-18:30
Pitch Panel 29 August 2019
National Pitch Final (a 2-hour evening event) 11 October 2019
Global Pitch Final – Amsterdam  14-15 November 2019 (date TBC)

Meet the Perth finalists

A technical device and data platform that weighs resident’s general rubbish bin and generates data on each household’s waste output. This data encourages households to face their waste and make adjustments to their consumption and waste behaviours and allows the council to offer a financial incentive (such as a reduction in quarterly rate payments) to households that meet specified waste thresholds.

Hubble platform aims to help house owners, architects and builders quickly estimate an energy house rating (and suggest potential upgrades) for improving the building’s energy performance from the concept design stage. At the same time, energy savings and environmental benefits are also shown for consideration.

We use sensors on bins to manage an ISO compliant GHG inventory. With this data, we can help cities and business move to 0-Waste and 0-Carbon while providing efficiencies.

PowerPledge aims to lower carbon emissions by empowering more organisations to adopt clean energy which ultimately leads to a carbon neutral future.

Bringing into Australia refurbished wind turbines from Europe. Installing small wind farms sub 20mw on mining/industrial sites and remote communities throughout Australia. We will develop, construct and operate these wind farms that will be installed alongside solar, batteries and hydrogen generators.

Regeneration of agricultural landscapes in Australia through the application of Regenerative Agricultural principles to land management. This regeneration will result in agricultural ecosystems that are more resilient to the impacts of climate change lower the risk of production, increase profit and brig a new income stream in the form of carbon credits to the farm.

The Smart Aquaponics system will be a fully functional and efficient system that integrates both hydroponics and aquaculture to enhance production of fish and vegetation. Remote monitoring of the system will be available through the development of an online dashboard. The system will incorporate a self-sustained cycle through the use of recycling fish waste and excess nitrates for plant uptake whilst providing the fish with high protein black soldier fly larvae from composting the organic waste produced by the system.

Vertical/Urban farming, using aeroponic/hydroponic packages in an isolated environment, growing dwarf fruit trees, with solar system as energy for lighting system. It saves water and doesn’t require pesticides, soil, or direct sunshine.

Meet your Trainer and Australian Lead

Vanessa is an entrepreneur and researcher focused on decarbonising schools, low carbon urban development and community scale renewable energy.

Hans is a certified ClimateLaunchpad Boot Camp trainer with an impressive track record as an entrepreneur building successful start-ups and training entrepreneurs across the globe. Hans is normally based in Amsterdam and loves coming to Australia once a year to meet the new innovators and entrepreneurs from Down Under. Hans has received outstanding feedback for his "honest, knowledgeable, fun and impactful" style of running the Boot Camps.

Sina is your Australian ClimateLaunchpad Lead at Climate-KIC Australia, she will guide you through the process and keep you up-to-date on what happens next and provide general advice on the way. With an entrepreneurial mind-set and start-up experience, an education from Harvard University and a strong background in NGO and social enterprise management, international project development and communications, Sina is well equipped to point the next climate change innovators in the right direction. You have questions about the competition? Get in touch!

You will meet our very experienced industry experts and mentors during your time in the ClimateLaunchpad competition.

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