ClimateLaunchpad 2021

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Key dates

Boot camp 27-29 May 2021
Sydney Knowledge Hub: Level 2, Mereweather Building (H04),
Cnr City Road and Butlin Avenue
University of Sydney NSW 2007
Webinar 1: Competitive advantages and work to be done 10 June 2021, 09:00-10:30 AEST
Webinar 2: Assumptions, experience design, customer discovery 17 June 2021, 17:30-18:30 AEST
Webinar 3: Your perfect pitch 24 June 2021, 17:30-18:30 AEST
Pitch Panel 9 July 2021, 17:00-18:30 AEST
National Pitch Final 27 August 2021, 17:00-18:30AEST
Regional Pitch Final (South-East Asia and Oceania) late August – early September 2021
Global Grant Final online) October 2021

Meet the New South Wales cohort

Allegro Energy

The need for energy storage in a renewables economy is inevitable. While batteries have made tremendous advancements there is still a lot left to do in terms of performance, cost, safety and scale of application. One such aspect to improve imminently on; is the power density of energy storage systems. Many niche applications require sudden bursts of energy which either can’t be provided by batteries or is at least considerably detrimental to battery performance in the long run. Supercapacitors here fill this gap as they can charge and discharge within seconds. However, supercapacitors of today are expensive and made from flammable electrolytes. Allegro has developed a new electrolyte class that is based on water that can retain standard performance metrics despite being substantially cheap and much much safer.


EYWA is an onsite waste-to-energy bin for SME’s and homes. EYWA allows you to convert common waste materials(papers, plastics, coffee cups etc) directly into green electricity!

When waste is placed in EYWA it begins a thermal treatment process which breaks the waste into a hydrogen rich gas. That gas is cleaned before reaching the Solid Oxide Fuel Cell at which point it is reformed into electricity. The Pyrolysis chamber self cleans and is ready for the next cycle.

Hygrid Energy

Hygrid Energy is a team of Battery Energy Storage (BES) specialists, we are developing the Hygrid Supervisor, ahigh-level asset monitoring & adaptive control tool to provide a substantially better way to manage commercialand industrial renewable energy systems containing battery energy storage. Hygrid Supervisor extracts betterperformance, longer life and stronger financial return over the life of the assets. It reduces risk in deploying andoperating BES systems and increases BES system availability to maximise revenue generation and cost savingsfrom the assets.


Kelpy is developing a compostable and biodegradable packaging replacement for single use plastics. We work with key players in the circular economy to maximise social and environmental benefits creating sustainable jobs in our regions. We link our supply chain with best practice regenerative ocean farming to draw down CO2. Our innovation is a fit-for-purpose, carbon negative packaging solution, made from seaweed and plants that will return to nature – improving soil health and food security. Kelpy will ‘harness the sea to heal the soil’ and put an end to the largest ocean polluter.


Insulated smart window shutters open and close intelligently to control temperature and reduce energy bills. Compared to double glazing, they leak half as much heat and cost half as much. Plus they also act as a thermostat, allow more flexible building designs, reduce the cost of going off-grid, reduce heating bills by 50%+, reduce the consumption of fossil fuel energy from the grid by up to 75%, shield against fires, and make windows secure.


A porous concrete that not only mineralises captured and condensed CO2 gas during the making but also adsorbs CO2 from the surrounding environment where it is placed (e.g. highways or factories) as a temporary or a fixed element of any infrastructure. The concrete element can be washed to be continuously used for carbon sequestration. It is a carbon sink concrete.

Sustainable Oil Recovery (Sucoil)

Sustainable Oil Recovery has developed a sponge to revolutionise how oil and hydrocarbon spills are cleaned up. They recycle the oil and our sponge gets reused multiple times and finally repurposed. They have produced the world’s first, cost-effective, environmentally friendly,re-usable, oil remediation material to combat environmental pollution and climate change.

Meet team CLP

Sina Lengelsen
Principal - Innovation Programs Climate-KIC Australia

As Principal of Innovation Programs, Sina comes with a strong background in NGO management, international project development, communications and an education from Harvard University. Sina is best equipped to point the next climate change innovators in the right direction.

Jes Hyne
Lead - Marketing and Communications Climate-KIC Australia

Jes is responsible for Climate-KIC Australia’s communications and outreach. With a background working in international organisations, Jessica finds the stories within complicated processes or technical concepts, to connect with audiences and celebrate the successes of climate change changers.

Hans Westerhof
Startup Trainer Occami / ClimateLaunchpad

Startup trainer with background in a broad range of industries and environments. Current focus: startup acceleration in carbon removal and raw materials (metals & minerals) industries through entrepreneurship education, coaching and financing. Focus on execution. Experience in directing projects and programs (US 100 million +).

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