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So we’ve scoured the state far and wide, and uncovered some of the smartest, most innovative ideas to tackle climate change in the country. Now it’s time to take their ideas and mould them in to viable green businesses.

First thing’s first. The pre-Boot Camp mini-course.

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Air Fence

A smart, multi-purpose hanging lightweight but durable mesh, that can take CO2 from the air then break it down and be funnelled within a series of thin tubes to be stored in a secure container, using nano solar panels, a small wind turbine, plus pressure pads to create electricity via vibration.

Aqua Green

An integrated system of aquaculture and hydroponics. In this system nutrient rich water from aquaculture system will feed to hydroponically produced plants.

Deep Agronomy Labs

Using machine learning to provide a centralised platform for weather independent farming techniques and using deep learning models to forecast supply chain and environmental impact factors.

Ecosystem Farms

A farming platform that integrates agriculture and aquaculture, leveraging natural ecosystems. The platform uses 95% less water, no soil, can grow plants from herbs to orchard trees, no chemical fertilisers, is compatible with large scale equipment like tractors, and is scalable for large primary production.

Farmboro Consulting

Gathering the local solar power and storing it using a combination of gravitational storage with solids and supercaps, installed in service stations for EV charging application.

Hydrometallurgy Research Group

Using a combination of hydrometallurgy and biohydrometallurgy, an environmentally friendly recycling process for processing spent lithium batteries to obtain a pure new battery precursor.

Interactive Green Infrastructure

The smart planter box produces a new green technology with artificial intelligence that provides a simple and efficient way to develop green buildings and surfaces where conventional planting is impossible.


Polygon blockchain to sell NFTs: climate-tech platform, for carbon positive project developers and investors, to finance climate solutions.


Adding an aerobic system such as an in-vessel composter to wheelie bins to mitigate the anaerobic process that will be used to accelerate the decomposition rate and produce pasteurised compost.


Australia’s biggest product sourcing platform and software to analyse the sustainability of the entire product chain. Allow food companies to make informed decisions around transport, logistics, packaging and sourcing of products to reduce the carbon footprint of single products and product chains.

ProLabs Australia

ProLabs provides mining and related industries with the ability to conduct on-site and immediate fluid analysis through the use of their portable, containerised and on-site laboratory.


Creating better on-demand access to information about contamination and recycling.

Spark 3D

3D printers for electronics, solar cells and batteries, that can deposit metals, semiconductors, polymers and insulators, faster and at higher resolution than existing techniques, while using less energy, and creating almost no waste.

SythLett Cells

Manufacturing different pouch cell sizes for niche applications, as well as recycling existing pouch cell materials.

Thermal Energy Global

Providing rooftop solar to properties in developing countries for free, paying in return a reimbursement for the use of the roof space, then selling electricity to the relevant authority.

Thermal X

Coupling heat pump technology and waste heat to electricity technology to create heat pump electricity generation from low grade heat environments.


TideWater is a unit to make fresh water from the sea, powered by gravity and the tide.


A social enterprise supplying rapidly deployable containerised solar power systems with back-up battery energy storage, as a sustainable substitute for diesel powered generators.

Veritas Energy

A data platform to enable consumers to earn “personal carbon credit”, that can be exchanged with businesses, as shopping bonus.


Online marketplace facilitator that can provide a cost-effective, sustainable method of waste disposal by linking ‘waste’ products with material recyclers.

Key dates 2022^.

Applications open 25 February 2022
Submission deadline 29 April 2022
Successful teams notified 9 May 2022
Self-directed Online course 10-23 May 2022 (approx 1 hour)
Boot Camp – Australia-wide (online) (3 afternoons) 23-25 May 2022
Boot Camp – Australia-wide (online) (3 afternoons) 26-28 May 2022
Boot Camp – Melbourne (hybrid) (3 afternoons) 2-4 June 2022
Webinar 1 9 June 2022, 17.00-18.30 AEST
Webinar 2 16 June 2022, 17.00-18.30 AEST
Webinar 3 23 June 2022, 17.00-18.30 AEST
Pitch Panel 1 (online) 13 July 2022
Pitch Panel 2 (online) 14 July 2022
Pitch Panel 3 (online) 15 July 2022
Mentoring (teams advancing to the National Finals are matched with a hand-picked mentor that complements their skill-set – 1 hr/wk for 4 wks) 25 July – 19 August 2022
National Pitch Final (Australia’s best compete!) (exact date TBC) 9 September 2022
Asia-Pacific Pitch Final (exact date TBC) September 2022 
Global Pitch Final (exact dates TBC) November 2022
^ Plans change, things go wrong, we’re all just people. Dates are subject to change.

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