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a research study on sustainability, resilience, well-being and commerciality

Automated time-lapse photography is in progress in this area for the Fairwater Living Laboratory Research Project. This monitoring will inform our research into the changes in greenery and the seasonal uptake and usage of public areas, walking tracks and cycleways here in Fairwater. This study has been approved by the University of Technology Sydney Human Research Ethics Committee (UTS HREC ETH18-2752).

All footage of persons will be anonymised through blurring and pixelation and will be processed using an algorithm developed by a dedicated UTS researcher. All footage will be stored in a secure UTS database and is not provided to other Research Partners or anyone else, except as required by law. Once analysis is complete, the raw footage will be destroyed in accordance with UTS HREC ETH18-2752.

Where graphic imagery is used in publication, the imagery will be pixelated so that individuals are not identified.

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Director - Strategic Projects Climate-KIC Australia