What is the Accelerator?


The Accelerator helps selected clean energy start-ups grow into successful businesses. Delivered in multiple centres by our partners EnergyLab and local Universities, the Accelerator provides tailored support to each business.


The Accelerator supports clean energy entrepreneurs by providing business space, targeted training, access to mentors across the full range of business needs, business coaching and professional advice as well as a national community of like-minded businesses.


Successful applicants receive seed capital and can receive matched funding for capital raised by the company.  In addition the Accelerator will help you to raise capital by providing access to networks of investors.

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Applications for 2018 are open. The Accelerator program is offered across Australia by our partner EnergyLab. To find out more and apply to the program, please continue to EnergyLab’s website.

“Renewable energy and clean tech startups are an important element of transitioning Australia to a better energy future. This is an industry Australia should be leading the world in and this program is intended to give entrepreneurs in this industry a leg-up”

EnergyLab co-founder Piers Grove

Who should apply?

The ideal applicant has an innovative technology and a great team that can solve a real problem and create social, environmental and economic value.

If the market is established the startup has a plan for stealing market share from the incumbents, and if the market is growing the startup is well positioned to ride the wave.

Either way the startup is offering something different to everything else in the market and can gain a significant advantage over their competition, through IP, expertise or exclusive partnerships.

The solution is being offered at a price that is attractive to customers, but high enough to cover the company’s costs once they reach scale.

The startup has a believable plan for achieving financial maturity, either by exiting or reaching a point where the business can operate without relying on outside capital.

The team is cohesive and has a unique insight into the problem they are solving for their customers. They possess most of the skills required to grow the business and have a plan for bringing on board missing expertise.

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