Decarb Hub

NSW Decarbonisation Innovation Hub


Electrification & energy systems

Accelerating renewable energy solutions and supporting the uptake of electrification in other sectors.

Land and Primary Industries

Coordinating and aligning efforts in the next wave of sustainable primary industry practices, embedding decarbonisation in thriving land-based businesses with benefits for people and nature.

Power fuels including hydrogen

Growing a sustainable NSW hydrogen industry and unlocking decarbonisation opportunities for many hard-to-abate sectors beyond 2030.

What is the Decarb Hub?

The NSW Decarbonisation Innovation Hub was established in June 2022 with funding from the NSW Government through the Office of the Chief Scientist & Engineer and The NSW Environmental Trust. The Hub is co-hosted by UNSW and the University of Newcastle, and is supported by a consortium of leading universities across NSW. It is funded annually by the NSW Government (over Nine years) and the member universities. The Decarb Hub supports the NSW Government’s goal of net zero emissions by 2050 and a 50% reduction by 2030. The Hub aims to bring together researchers, industry and government stakeholders to collaborate and increase the uptake of new technologies to decarbonise NSW.

“NSW is taking the lead by coordinating efforts across our research, development and commercialisation sectors. This will help us create new jobs and high-tech businesses, while developing expertise in emission reduction technology.”


— Matt Kean, Former NSW Treasurer and Minister for Energy

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The project will engage broadly and deeply with industry and other stakeholders to gather wide and diverse input, to co-design projects and interventions and to build robust, sustainable collaborative networks.

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Who's involved

Our team

Chris Lee
CEO Climate-KIC Australia

Christopher Lee is the CEO of Climate-KIC Australia and played a key role its establishment.  Chris has extensive climate change experience and from 2009 to 2017 led the development and implementation of Climate Change Adaptation programs for the NSW Government. He has degrees in Economics and Environmental Management, and has experience across, public, private and university sectors.

Meredith England
Director - Systems Innovation Climate-KIC Australia

As Climate-KIC Australia’s Director of Systems Innovation Meredith brings her experience in strategy, design, innovation and facilitation to shape and deliver projects and portfolios for systemic impact. She leverages her experience in consulting, financial services, corporate innovation and a start up to help people and organisations tackle the complexity of climate action.

Nodoka Nakamichi
Project Officer Climate-KIC Australia

As a Project Officer, Nodoka is responsible for supporting stakeholder engagements and the delivery of strategic projects. With experience managing health portfolios and founding a start-up in the Middle East, Nodoka is passionate about facilitating effective intersectoral collaborations that shape a just transition. Nodoka also participates in the Sustainable Development Solutions Network for Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific as a youth advisor and the UTS Sustainability Alliance of Students and Staff as a Co-founder and Vice President.

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