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Primers and guides, templates and training that simplify the most important technical issues related to corporate renewable energy transactions



Online marketplace that connects corporate buyers and renewable energy generators with available projects. Events that provide opportunities to network and share knowledge.



Deal tracker that showcases new corporate renewable energy contracts as they are announced

How does BRC-A fill this gap?

These barriers are addressed through four strategic interventions:

  1. Increase demand for PPAs by explaining the strategic opportunity available to organisations and by recognising and promoting success stories that normalise and motivate action.
  2. Support organisations to build the knowledge and skills required to navigate the Corporate PPA Roadmap.
  3. Encourage organisations to demonstrate leadership by sharing their knowledge and insights with the next wave of buyers and by entering into best practice PPAs that deliver positive social and environmental outcomes.
  4. Support industry to continue to look for ways to iterate and evolve offerings to make renewable energy procurement accessible and simple.

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Who we're working with

BRC-A was launched in October 2018 by three partners who themselves all have a strong vision and ambitious goals related to the clean energy transition, under licence from the Rocky Mountain Institute, who established the original Business Renewables Centre in the US.

Since becoming a founding member of the BRC-A, Transurban has entered into three renewable PPAs. The BRC-A is fantastic forum to not only learn the ins and outs of PPAs, but also to share lessons, upskill and inspire other organisations in renewable energy procurement. The BRC-A plays an integral role in both connecting and bringing new and informed buyers to the renewable energy marketplace.
Matthew Brennan
Head of Sustainability, Transurban

Our team

Jackie McKeon
Project Director Business Renewables Centre - Australia

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