Climate KickStarter

From research to action


Understand commercialisation pathways

Understanding the basics of IP, equity and patents as well as how research can influence policy and industry regulations.


Understand the problem space

Getting into the mind of the customer and understanding the problem they are trying to solve.


Develop commercial thinking

Understanding and communicating the value a researcher’s work can offer their first customer base.

Climate KickStarter is a commercialisation training program, run in collaboration with Australian Cooperative Research Centres (CRCs), that supports researchers as individuals to develop the confidence, knowledge, skills, and ability to leverage future commercialisation opportunities, including through accelerators, incubators, spin-offs, and employment within industry.

What's on offer


KickStarter Light

  • 2 x 6-Hour sessions
  • 2 sessions over 1 week
  • Online
  • Sessions include lectures, group work and individual time to apply learnings to research and self. Sessions are shorter and lighter than Deep Dive.
  • Short pitch deck can be developed

KickStarter Deep Dive

  • 3 x 5-hour sessions
  • 1 x Pitch event with sponsors
  • 1 session per week over 1 month or 6 weeks
  • Online
  • Sessions include lectures, group work and individual time to apply learnings to research and self
  • Self-directed learning required in-between sessions
  • Short learning deck developed, reviewed, and presented

Mix and match

  • Run one of each KickStarter modalities throughout the year
  • Use KickStarter Light as an early exposure point to introduce researchers to using customer discovery processes, understanding commercial problem spaces and stakeholder management through their research
  • Use KickStarter Deep Dive to equip researchers with the skills to be able to apply their research abilities to the commercial space, take industry positions or create technology-focused start-ups.

Program intent

The Climate KickStarter Program has been developed in alignment with the Australian Federal Government’s University Research Commercialisation Action Plan. Understanding that “research leads to the development of new technology and knowledge which, if commercialised and diffused through the broader economy, can raise returns on investment, lead to new industries being established and create jobs and economic growth,” Climate-KIC Australia, alongside the RACE for 2030 CRC and the Future Battery Industries CRC, saw an urgent need to build commercialisation capability in Australian research institutes, to build markets for clean technology research and diffuse clean technologies into the market in Australia.

The aim of the program is to quickly develop commercial thinking within proven learning-frameworks to allow participants to see, start to understand and act on maximising the real-world, commercial impact of research-based projects.

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