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Dates and Locations

Locations Building 25, 4-12 Buckland St, Chippendale NSW 2008
Boot camp 13-14 July 2019
Hosted by EnergyLab
Webinar 1: Assumptions, experience design, customer discovery 25 July 2019, 17:30-18:30
Webinar 2: Competitive advantages 1 August 2019, 17:30-18:30
Webinar 3: Your perfect pitch 8 August 2019, 17:30-18:30
Pitch Panel 26 August 2019
National Pitch Final (a 2-hour evening event) 11 October 2019
Global Pitch Final – Amsterdam 14-15 November 2019

Meet the Sydney finalists

For carbon to be integrated into the economy and community, by creating a positive approach to valuing and trading carbon that engages farmers and consumers at all levels.

“Copernicus Aquaponic” aims to sell turn key solution farms capable of producing anywhere (urban or country), large amount of affordable organic, and sustainable food for everyone.

For takeaway food consumers who struggle to find a way to reduce their ecological footprint caused by single-use plastic takeaway containers, Fewr offers modern day’s reusable tubs specifically created to change the way we takeaway food. Unlike existing Tupperware and other traditional food storage containers, Fewr Tub comes in sizes that match standard takeaway containers to cater for typical serving sizes, they are stylish, recyclable, leak proof, easy to carry around, and are made of recycled materials! It fills the huge market gap in the Reuse category where coffee KeepCup or S’well water bottles are gaining cult following but yet there isn’t a product for takeaway food. Join our circular economy, simply Fill, Eat, Wash, Repeat and create FEWR waste!

The Green Core surfboard is essentially a surfboard made from materials only found in a forest. Traditional surfboards contain a toxic mix of PU or EPS foam, fibreglass and polyester or epoxy resins, all of which are difficult to recycle and harmful on the natural environment. The Green Core surfboard consists of a pulp paper core with natural binders such as aloe vera, algae or flours. The outer shell will be made from a sustainably sourced timber such as balsa, bamboo or paulownia. No more toxic foam, no more toxic resins, just 100% biodegradable surfboard.

The Green Wallet is a mobile app that helps turn everything you buy green, to get your carbon footprint closer to zero and stop to global warming.

Kua Kelp will help to solve the climate and plastic crisis by designing and producing single-use tableware from kelp. Our product will reduce consumption of plastics by supplying a truly sustainable and biodegradable alternative.

There is something that you frequently use that could even be on you right now that is both a bio-hazard and a single-use plastic. Could you guess?

It’s a Receipt.

Our team are building a digital solution for customers and businesses. We want to make receipts redundant.

The MyImpact app uses your bank transactions to automatically measure your carbon footprint. Why? To create awareness and remove the lack of transparency that surrounds the impact our everyday habits are having on the environment. The app is set to inform, incentivise and gamify customer purchasing decisions and offers a subscription to offset your footprint each month. We aim to create a community to share the ways we can move with our feet to globally lower our carbon emissions.

A seaweed-based compostable packaging and verified carbon credits offering for consumer-facing brands. The business provides brands with a route to zero plastic packaging; whilst simultaneously providing zero carbon, via offsets; by building Indonesia’s capacity as a seaweed production hub.

We create software that turns existing appliances, like refrigerators and Air conditioners, in to virtual batteries, so that you get the savings of owning a battery, without the costs.

Squirt! provides a reusable dispenser for household cleaning products with effervescent tablet refills delivered on a subscription basis in the mail. This removes single-use plastic bottles and plastic packaging used by households for their cleaning needs, and also saves on shipping costs. Equally important is our collaboration with Ocean Clean Up project to remove existing waste from our oceans.

An institutional real estate fund for impact investors seeking exposure to highly sustainable buildings with a social purpose. The fund will develop and own zero carbon office buildings as well as mixed use residential/retail build to rent buildings featuring 1/3 affordable / social housing.

Milk and juice HDPE bottles are not included in the Australian Container Deposit Schemes, therefor a waste problem for all communities. Waste lottery is awarding the coffee shoos for recycling their milk plastic bottles waste, in exchange of digital lottery tickets or social responsibility badges. We are re-purposing HDPE bottles as ballast or floats for lowering the cost to building solar farms. Collecting empty bottles with lids from all the coffee shops and to create a sustainable prototype for floating solar farms using recycled materials.

Meet your Trainer and Australian Lead

Belinda is your Sydney ClimateLaunchpad facilitator for Climate-KIC Australia. She will be there with you at your bootcamps, and provide guidance through the program. Belinda brings her global experience in accounting, marketing, strategy and innovation for financial services and building the business case for sustainability..

Hans is a certified ClimateLaunchpad Boot Camp trainer with an impressive track record as an entrepreneur building successful start-ups and training entrepreneurs across the globe. Hans is normally based in Amsterdam and loves coming to Australia once a year to meet the new innovators and entrepreneurs from Down Under. Hans has received outstanding feedback for his "honest, knowledgeable, fun and impactful" style of running the Boot Camps.

Sina is your Australian ClimateLaunchpad Lead at Climate-KIC Australia, she will guide you through the process and keep you up-to-date on what happens next and provide general advice on the way. With an entrepreneurial mind-set and start-up experience, an education from Harvard University and a strong background in NGO and social enterprise management, international project development and communications, Sina is well equipped to point the next climate change innovators in the right direction. You have questions about the competition? Get in touch!

You will meet our very experienced industry experts and mentors during your time in the ClimateLaunchpad competition.

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