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Net-zero Carbon Energy

Greenhouse gas emissions from the energy sector comprise the greatest share of Australia’s emissions.

The energy sector is currently the greatest single source of Australia’s emissions, and the sector with most potential to rapidly transition to net-zero carbon. This transition is required for Australia to meet its greenhouse emissions reduction goals.

Climate KIC Australia is exploring the application of renewable and low-carbon energy technologies and pathways to transform Australia’s energy sector.

Sustainable Resilient Cities

The majority of Australians live in urban areas, with significant growth likely to occur in many urban areas to 2030.

Australia is one of the most urbanised countries in the world. Focusing on emission reductions in our cities will make a substantial contribution to climate mitigation, while preparing cities to adapt to inevitable climate changes will improve resilience.

Climate-KIC Australia convenes distinct types of city-focused actors to drive transformational systems change and create liveable and thriving Australian cities.

Regions in Transition

Several regions of Australia provide an opportunity for innovation. These areas are currently undergoing economic transition and have traditionally been dependent on carbon-intensive industries.

Climate-KIC Australia is helping regional areas explore and capture opportunities in the emerging low carbon economy. With a focus on regions that have traditionally been dependent on emissions-intensive industries, Climate-KIC Australia works with communities, using a structured approach to assist regions and towns embrace and benefit from transition.

Key Enablers

Policy, finance and decision making act as key enablers for the effective transition to a net zero and resilient Australia.

In order to create systemic change across our other areas of impact is will be critical to have the right policy context, access to finance and decision-making processes and tools. Climate-KIC Australia works to facilitate policy, finance and decision-making innovations that will enable a change to a net-zero carbon and resilient Australia.

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