Our collaboration network

A broad network of organisations to develop and deliver systems innovation activities

Challenge owners

Government organisations, industry groups, communities with the ambition and agency to change systems where they play a significant role.

Delivery partners

Organisations from research, solution providers, NGOs, that have created and/ or can deliver innovative solutions and system interventions.


Australian institutions, philanthropists, funders and financiers who support systems inventions.

Thinkers in residence

Influential individuals who provide forward-looking insight, diverse system change perspectives and inspiration from unusual places.


Organisations that support the coordination of complex collaborations and the development and delivery of transformative systems innovation activities. This is often the role that Climate-KIC Australia plays.

How you can get involved

We recognise that, depending on context, need and opportunity, a single organisation may fit into multiple roles within our collaboration network. We look forward to hearing from you to explore ways of working together.

Get in touch

Our leadership team

Chris Lee
CEO Climate-KIC Australia
Belinda Whelan
Director - Strategic Projects Climate-KIC Australia
Meredith England
Director - Systems Innovation Climate-KIC Australia
Jason Nielsen
Director - Strategic Projects Climate-KIC Australia
Jackie McKeon
Project Director Business Renewables Centre - Australia

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