Resilient Futures Investment Roundtable

Investment for a better today, and a resilient, climate-adapted future

Building capacity and capability

Learning from practical experience to develop skills and knowledge for good resilience investment decision-making.

Working collaboratively

Providing a forum to share knowledge and work together on the shared challenge of investing in resilience and climate change adaptation.

Developing resources

Identifying, sharing and developing the knowledge and tools needed to make better resilience investment decisions.

Our team

Melinda Morris
Lead - Adaptation and Resilience Projects Climate-KIC Australia

Melinda brings her experience working on climate partnerships and projects in the Pacific and the UK to lead adaptation and resilience projects. She draws on her legal and policy background and experience in knowledge brokering, facilitation and strategy to support cross-sectoral stakeholders working collaboratively to build resilience and adapt to climate change.

How you can get involved

The Resilient Futures Investment Roundtable is seeking new members to bring expertise and organisational resources to support the development, testing and piloting of methodologies to value the costs and benefits of resilience.

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Who we're working with

We create value for member organisations by supporting them to make informed, future-proofed decisions to manage climate risk and invest now in a resilient, climate-adapted future.

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