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Catalysing a national response to climate change

Climate-KIC Australia is dedicated to creating a climate resilient, liveable and thriving Australia for all by catalysing transformative, cross-sectoral responses to climate change.

Climate-KIC Australia offers a new way to link research, business, entrepreneurs, investors and government to facilitate systemic change which addresses the challenges and harnesses the opportunities of climate change.

Climate-KIC will act as a catalyst for demand-led, systems scale climate solutions by connecting key players across the whole innovation pathway.

Climate-KIC Australia aims to scale up climate change solutions, by focusing our activity on four impact areas of Net-zero Carbon Energy;  Sustainable Resilient Cities; Regions in Transition; and Key Enablers.


Within our areas of impact, we create systemic change through three actions.

We foster entrepreneurship by supporting start-ups that help to mitigate or adapt to climate change, to turn ideas into commercial success.

We educate, train, nurture and support entrepreneurs to become leaders in addressing climate change; and climate change experts to become entrepreneurs.

We drive systemic change by convening novel coalitions of partners to work on long-term projects and programs to bring about the system-level shifts needed to address climate change.

Climate-KIC Australia

Fosters innovation specifically targeted at the transformations necessitated by climate change.

Builds knowledge, skills and motivation in all sectors to enable innovative responses to the challenges of climate change.

Provides a collaboration platform for research, public and private sectors to drive deep, systems-level change across economy and society.

Enables developments in the policy, regulatory, and financial environments that encourage climate change innovation.

The European precedent

Climate-KIC Australia is modelled on, and closely linked to, Climate-KIC Europe. It is the world’s largest climate public private partnership – present in 23 European countries.

Climate-KIC Europe drives innovation through creative partnerships, large and small, local and global, between private, public and academic sectors.

Key Achievements
  • 2012 - 2015, 170 start-ups collectively raised €189m in external funding. 2012- 2015, generated approx 3,000 jobs.
  • €337 million of EU funding delivered over €1.8 billion in climate innovation
  • Leading C-KIC start-ups won top honours at the Silicon Valley Cleantech Awards and other international accolades: “Innovation of the Year” at London Market Awards 2014.

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Climate-KIC Australia
Bldg 25, 4-12 Buckland St
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