About Climate-KIC

Catalysing climate action

Climate-KIC inspires and enables across-the-board collaboration to deliver transformational climate action.


By being a catalyst for systemic change through deep global networks, knowledge sharing and breakthrough innovation, to build a thriving and resilient future for Australia.

Our vision is a climate resilient and liveable Australia with a thriving zero-carbon economy.

Our mission is to inspire and enable climate action by being a catalyst for systemic change, through innovation.

What we are

Climate-KIC Australia is a knowledge and innovation community established and funded by a national collaboration of private and public sector organisations in 2017.

We are an independent, not-for-profit organisation that aims to link research, business, entrepreneurs, investors and government to drive transformational activities that unlock change at the speed and scale the climate challenge needs.

We are a catalyst for systemic change, using our innovation capabilities, knowledge sharing and deep global networks through EIT Climate-KIC, the EU’s climate innovation initiative.

Our partners are public and private organisations looking to lead in climate action and participate in national and global experimentation. The success of our collaborations drive innovative solutions that enable our partners to harness first mover opportunities that emerge as the world transitions to a net-zero, resilient economy.

  • Collaborative
  • Openly innovative
  • Nimble
  • High impact

What we do

The European precedent

Climate-KIC Australia is modelled on, and closely linked to, EIT Climate-KIC. It is the world’s largest climate public private partnership – present in 23 European countries.

EIT Climate-KIC drives innovation through creative partnerships, large and small, local and global, between private, public and academic sectors.

EIT Climate-KIC works on transformative, systemic innovation that involves many connected innovations developing in parallel to trigger a shift in the system. Their approach is to carve out space for experimentation by piloting, testing and scaling. We learn from these pilots by observing the change and recalibrating our approach in response to our insights.


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Climate-KIC Australia
Bldg 10, 235 Jones Street
Ultimo, NSW 2007 Australia

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