Emissions Reduction Roadmap

NSW Land and Primary Industries

Identifying areas of interest

Informing development of enabling policy and funding programs at state and national levels

Working collaboratively

Leveraging a group of experts and industry with diverse experience and skills to develop innovative and credible abatement strategies

Capacity and capability building

Identifying feasible abatement options and carbon farming opportunities to industry and government

Get involved

The Emissions Reduction Roadmap project is forming the Stakeholder Reference Group to integrate industry perspectives in abatement adoption pathways. If you would like to learn more or get involved, please contact our team.



Nodoka Nakamichi
Project Officer Climate-KIC Australia

As a Project Officer, Nodoka is responsible for supporting stakeholder engagements and the delivery of strategic projects. With experience managing health portfolios and founding a start-up in the Middle East, Nodoka is passionate about facilitating effective intersectoral collaborations that shape a just transition. Nodoka also participates in the Sustainable Development Solutions Network for Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific as a youth advisor and the UTS Sustainability Alliance of Students and Staff as a Co-founder and Vice President.

Meredith England
Director - Systems Innovation Climate-KIC Australia

As Climate-KIC Australia’s Director of Systems Innovation Meredith brings her experience in strategy, design, innovation and facilitation to shape and deliver projects and portfolios for systemic impact. She leverages her experience in consulting, financial services, corporate innovation and a start up to help people and organisations tackle the complexity of climate action.

Project partners