Energy Upgrades for Australian Homes

Making it easier for Australian households to upgrade the comfort and energy efficiency of their homes.

Working across multiple levers of change

Policy and regulation

Policy Recommendations (briefs) to drive change at the federal, state,and local levels, developed in collaboration with industry partners and stakeholders based on the research and pilot outcomes and insights.

Community implementation models

Practical and evidenced based tools and guidelines for delivering tailored programs in communities to generate millions of home energy upgrades.

Household and community behaviour change

Communications content and engagement to ensure that the knowledge and tools generated by the project are effectively disseminated to key stakeholders and the wider public.

Building stock and benefits modelling

An easy to use residential building stock model to assess home energy upgrade costs and co-benefits.

Supply chain development

Practical and evidence-based tools and guidelines for strengthening product and service delivery in home energy upgrade supply chains, including improved training and resources.

Platform development

A prototype Online Home Energy Update Platform to consolidate and disseminate tools, guidelines,​ and evidence outlined in the project.

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Who we're working with

Our team

Melinda Morris
Lead - Adaptation and Resilience Projects Climate-KIC Australia

Melinda brings her experience working on climate partnerships and projects in the Pacific and the UK to lead adaptation and resilience projects. She draws on her legal and policy background and experience in knowledge brokering, facilitation and strategy to support cross-sectoral stakeholders working collaboratively to build resilience and adapt to climate change.

Belinda Whelan
Director - Strategic Projects Climate-KIC Australia

As Director of Strategic Projects, Belinda brings her global experience in accounting, marketing, strategy and innovation for financial services to develop strategies to build greater resilience for Climate-KIC Australia.

Clare Perry
Project Officer Climate-KIC Australia

As a project officer on the Energy Upgrades for Australian Homes project, Clare brings her background in project management and research administration to enable seamless convening and coordination a complex collaboration of researchers, industry participants and affiliated projects. An environmental biotechnology major, Clare is passionate about helping organisations adapt to the evolving needs of the environment, and brings to this project relevant experience analysing the impact of urban environments on the health of people and the natural environment.

Jes Hyne
Lead - Marketing and Communications Climate-KIC Australia

Jes is responsible for Climate-KIC Australia’s communications and outreach. With a background working in international organisations, Jessica finds the stories within complicated processes or technical concepts, to connect with audiences and celebrate the successes of climate change changers.

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