Common user / open-research pilot facility for low emissions ironmaking

Pre-feasability study

Project deliverables

Needs analysis

Identify the pilot equipment and knowledge and skills required for industry.

Global stocktake

Understanding what already exists nationally and globally, key gaps and technology/education providers to fill gaps.

Concept & operating model

Concept sketch for a common user facility, and business and operating model options.

How will the initiative address this need?

The provision of innovation infrastructure, capability and a research ecosystem to enable demonstration of the suitability of Western Australian ores for processing to green steel is required.

The prefeasibility study for an iron ore processing and iron making pilot facility with low emissions will assist with the identification of the necessary research capability and demonstration infrastructure needed.

Climate-KIC Australia and CSIRO will work with industry, researchers and governments to identify the necessary research and demonstration infrastructure needed for WA iron ore resources to transition to low emissions processing.  Further support for this study will come from the Swedish metals research institute (SWERIM), which has extensive experience in designing, building and operating pilot-scale metallurgical equipment for the Swedish iron and steel industry.

The project is part of CSIRO’s Towards Net Zero Mission, a large-scale scientific and collaborative research initiative bringing together research, industry, government, and communities to help Australia’s hardest to abate sectors, including resources and agriculture, halve their emissions by 2035.

This study also builds on decarbonisation pathway analysis and industry engagement completed by the Australian Industry Energy Transitions Initiative, co-convened by Climateworks Centre and Climate-KIC Australia.

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The project will engage broadly and deeply with industry and other stakeholders to gather key input, to co-design key outputs and ensure buy-in and support for the concept. 

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Who's involved

Climate-KIC Australia will collaborate with CSIRO to deliver the project, with additional support from the Swedish metals research institute (SWERIM). The study is funded by the Minerals Research Institute of Western Australia (MRIWA).

Our team

Jason Nielsen
Director - Strategic Projects Climate-KIC Australia

As Director of Strategic Projects, Jason develops and leads multi-stakeholder system transition initiatives, leveraging his experience in Europe over the past decade working with large scale demonstrations and innovation ecosystem building initiatives for industry and cities.

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