Climate Impact Portfolios

Building and orchestrating connected and coordinated activities across a chosen system

How it works

Climate-KIC Australia’s Climate Impact Portfolios catalyse transformation in chosen systems, through working on connected and coordinated action.

In supporting existent portfolios and building new ones, Climate-KIC Australia will work with our collaboration network to:

  • establish and maintain shared intent and commitment;
  • frame comprehensive intervention strategies for transformation;
  • activate and orchestrate many connected interventions across levers of change; and
  • collectively learn through sensemaking and feedback loops to create transformative change.

Get involved

We know that climate change is a complex challenge that demands solutions that work across systems to drive catalytic change. We need a space to think differently to business-as-usual, single point interventions to design solutions that are deeply collaborative, coordinated, and transformative. We can always use more insights, resources and expertise, so please get in touch.

Work with us

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