Solar panels homeowners can buy from the hardware store and install themselves, energy efficient buildings that can be built with just two people, electric vehicles for everyone and schemes to cut up to 80 per cent of your power bill are all no longer the stuff of fantasy.

Four clean energy start-ups have today received an equity investment of $50,000 and access to a dedicated Acceleration program including mentors, office space and industry coaching to turn their ideas into a reality and transform the way Australians power their lives thanks to Energy Lab’s 12-month Early Stage Clean Energy Acceleration program.

“Renewable energy and clean tech startups are an important element of transitioning Australia to a better energy future. This is an industry Australia should be leading the world in and this program is intended to give entrepreneurs in this industry a leg-up,” EnergyLab co-founder Piers Grove said.

The new breed of emerging clean energy businesses will work alongside Australia’s best and brightest clean tech entrepreneurs at EnergyLab’s hub in Sydney and include:

Eveeh: builds the country’s first electric vehicle car sharing network

Blue Volt:  promises to cut the price of going solar by making self-installable panels with integrated batteries that can be used in apartments, rental homes and out in the field

Energy Assist: offers consumers small loans so households struggling to pay their power bills can buy energy efficient appliances to break the cycle.

IronMatrix:  has come up with a way to build an energy efficient home with just two people and bricks and mortar are replaced by solar panels

Every six months four new ideas will be funded thanks to the Early Stage CleanTech Accelerator, which is backed by EnergyLab, Climate KIC Australia and venture capitalists Artesian and the Clean Energy Finance Corporation.

Mr Grove said , “cleantech startups are still a largely untapped opportunity for Australia. Energy is a massive industry in Australia and new technology is going to disrupt it in a way not seen since libraries came up against the internet. Australia needs home grown companies to make the most of this change and make sure we get our share of new jobs, tap developing exports markets and help stem climate change.”

Climate KIC Australia CEO, Christopher Lee said, “We are very pleased to partner with EnergyLab to bring cleantech ideas to market. The comprehensive acceleration program draws on Climate KIC’s experience in Europe and provides a place for early stage entrepreneurs to get the professional and financial support to make their ideas a success. The Sydney cohort will be joined by other companies around the country as this program rolls-out nationally in 2018.”