Climate-KIC Australia have released our impact report for the 2020-21 financial year. As we enter this critical decade of climate action, we are focused on going beyond single-point interventions to transforming entire systems to unleash catalytic climate impact.

Sydney, 12 November 2021 – As the ongoing conversations at COP26 attest, we are in a critical period for climate action. Ambition has been set; we know the scale and complexity of the problem we’re confronting, the time for action and implementation is right now.

But it’s easier said than done. The systems and structures we have in place that keep our economies humming and our communities (imperfectly, unequally) prosperous aren’t oriented towards the deep, complex collaborations that can ensure the success of transformational changes.

At Climate-KIC Australia, our whole reason for being is to drive these systems transformations. We are all about providing the space for these complex collaborations – acting as an honest broker to coordinate diverse activities and move multiple levers of change in coordinated and connected ways.

The urgency of our work has never been more apparent. The latest IPCC report paints a picture of climate impacts accelerating faster than expected and irreversible tipping points just a hair’s breadth away. In 2020-21 we have been deeply engaged in translating the ambition we need into on-the-ground action and impact.

Work is already underway in transitioning our hardest to abate sectors to net-zero supply chains with the Australian Industry Energy Transitions Initiative. The interest in and demand for corporate renewable energy Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) remains strong, a process made easier thanks to the Business Renewables Centre – Australia. After the successful launch of the Climate Measurement Standards Initiative’s climate risk disclosure guidelines last year, interest has been piqued in developing similar guidelines for other Australian industries.

We are proud to share the results of this work in our 2020-21 Impact Report. It shows that our approach – going beyond single-point interventions – is generating measurable change and building the communities and collaborations to continue this change at an accelerating pace. We are galvanised to keep building our organisation’s impact into the future and drive the transformative change that an effective response to climate change requires.


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