ClimateLaunchpad 2019

Meet your national finalists

Green Wallet is a mobile app that makes it easy and rewarding for consumers to turn everything they buy green, to stop global warming.

The world has the ability and technology available to solve the climate crisis. But there is a capital markets problem because the transition to the required low carbon future is not being funded.
For capital markets to function properly they need to be able to identify, quantify and price risks, currently they cannot do this with climate risks. Emmi provides the trusted and transparent carbon governance platform by utilising blockchain technology to unlock the power of capital markets to solve the climate crisis.

“Copernicus Aquaponic” aims to sell turn key solution farms capable of producing anywhere (urban or country), large amount of affordable organic, and sustainable food for everyone.

The Phoenixx Project (TPP) provides the technical vehicle to enable poor people in developing countries to access the benefits of climate change mitigation through simple improvements to fire management. It provides the global architecture and tools to allow project developers to work with local communities to establish projects. It provides standardized baselines, monitoring, reporting and verification of emissions reductions from fire management. It also provides a simple and safe market-place for buyers (Industry) and sellers (project developers) of fire management derived carbon credits and ensures that environmental and social safeguards are met.

Green Commuter maps commuter participation to identify the ‘hidden transit network’ around us.

Cities use our insights to improve infrastructure usage and justify future investments.

Changing commuter behaviour leads to cleaner, greener, more livable cities.

A demand management system (cloud- and IoT) that coordinates groups of people to respond efficiently to the collective problem of getting demand to align with renewable energy supply generated on their own roofs. This is an aggregation system for both demand and supply, not a virtual power plant. Stimulate greater solar PV and battery penetration to substitute for fossil fuel based generation. Change behaviour towards sustainability for energy.


Imagine a multi-purpose system capable of generating vast amounts of green power, fresh water and bio-mass. Conservasphere – an innovative power plant, water generator and green house – can make this dream a reality.
Using a kit of proven components, brought together in a unique synergy, it has the capacity to tailor the solutions to the specific needs and location of the customer.

Also able to absorb CO2 emissions, reverse land salinity, and ground water depletion, Conservasphere can deliver this energy ecosystem now to positively impact the environment on an unprecedented scale.


Carbon Sync enables transformational change in agricultural landscape management. This change results in the regeneration of ecosystems, renewal and repopulation of rural communities, remineralisation of food a fibre products and carbon sequestration potential so significant that it could bring Australia to Net Zero Emissions in as little as 20 years when adopted at scale. This is all achieved with exisiting, proven technology while at the same time producing food and fibre. This technology is called Regenerative Agriculture.

We’re like a FitBit for waste.

We use a combination of groundbreaking smart sensors and analytics software to provide waste data intelligence solutions to councils; for their public spaces, but also for their residents, to create the feedback loop required to enable collective behaviour change around waste and recycling.

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