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Congratulations to our 3 finalists!

The top three teams will go on to represent Australia in the ClimateLaunchpad South-East Asian Regional Final on September 18.

#1 Localcycle

Localcycle is a local organic waste management available for cafes, restaurants, offices and councils to divert their organic waste from entering landfill and simultaneously turn it into added value products such as high-quality mushrooms, design furniture, compost, organic fertiliser sold back to local businesses and the community.

#2 Seed 2 Diesel

Fuel for agriculture is too expensive. Farmers can grow their own oilseed crops, but to expect every farmer to buy, maintain, and run the equipment for a week every year to make a consistent quality fuel that meets engine standards is unreasonable. We provide equipment through a shared facility, and apply engineering expertise to make consistent quality fuel, and a central place from which to on-sell the meal.

#3 Elevenstore

Current battery storage relies on unsustainable mining of global reserves of lithium and cobalt that could potentially become constrained and expensive. In addition, current battery technologies have safety issues particularly at elevated temperatures. The proposed technology is composed of safe, sustainable, environmentally-friendly, earth-abundant and cheap raw materials. These properties make our technology an excellent candidate for many high volume mobility applications, in particular in high density populations where lower driving range but affordable EVs, electric bikes and scooters are in high demand, and where weather conditions require a more stable technology than is currently available.

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