Cool Road Adelaide

Completed August 2020

Data-based insights

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Testing and trialling

climate solutions for resilient cities

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How did Cool Road Adelaide fill this gap?

A different approach to reducing road surface temperatures is to change the road surface. Climate-KIC Australia, is working to provide evidence to the City of Adelaide and other councils about the efficacy of applying a cool road surface treatment. This involves:

  • Treating of a section of road with cool road surface paint
  • Engaging the community to inform about the planned use and purpose of the road surface treatment
  • Evaluating of the performance of the road surface across a number of aspects
  • Reporting and sharing of results

The City of Adelaide alongside  the South Australian Department of Environment and Water have identified Bowen Street in the Adelaide Central Market District the best location for the trial.  This is due to its exposure to the sun, high overnight temperatures, and location as a busy area. Climate-KIC will support coordination between the City of Adelaide and researchers to measure the before state of temperature along the road, prior to installation and conditions that would trigger the installation.

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