European Union-Australian Climate Business Network

(Completed December 2021)



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EU-Australian Climate Business Network team

Marian Schoen
Project Director European Union-Australian Climate Business Network

Marian is our National Director for the European-Australian Climate Business Network. Her career spans from executive management to program delivery, in government and higher education sectors. In this role, she advances partnerships, stakeholder engagement, and project development.

Kathy Verheyen
Lead - Innovation Projects Climate-KIC Australia

As senior project manager for the Materials and Embodied Carbon Leaders’ Alliance (MECLA), Kathy manages this national alliance to drive the reduction of embodied carbon in the building and construction industry. Kathy has worked across a range of projects involving large numbers of stakeholders, including the Climate Measurement Standards Initiative (CMSI), sustainable finance and the EU Green Deal. Before moving to Australia, Kathy worked for a senior lawmaker in Germany’s parliament and international development agencies in Europe and Asia.

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With a successor program to SPIPA currently being finalised by the EU and expected to be announced in in coming months, consideration is being given to the extension of the Network activities for a further phase, having regard to the focus themes of the EU-Australia country engagement strategy. Several project partners have already indicated their interest and intention to continue the collaboration with the Network and Climate-KIC Australia on themes of renewable energy, circular economy and sustainable finance.

For more information or to explore opportunities in this area, please contact Marian Schoen, Director – EU-Australian Climate Business Network.

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