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Allegro Energy

While batteries are critical to the transition to a zero-carbon economy, the current technology is far from ‘clean and green’. At Allegro Energy, we are passionate about providing sustainable energy storage solutions. We have invented a new, patented, water-based electrolyte system that does not compromise on performance and makes many battery types not only much cheaper, but also environmentally friendly and compatible with a circular economy. Our first product will be energy storage systems based on supercapacitors. They deliver short bursts of high-power electricity, have short charge and discharge times, do not use harmful or rare chemicals and offer a virtually infinite number of cycles before they need to be replaced or repaired. Applications range from electromobility, to the Internet of Things, to grid stabilisation and FCAS.

Australian Circular

Australian Circular’s technology will be able to recycle spent lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) with mixed chemistry using just two steps. Australian Circular’s technology will be able to revolutionise recycling of spent lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) using a cost-effective and environmentally friendly approach. The process will recover materials to use as energy storage electrodes and value-added products for diverse sectors.


EYWA is an onsite waste-to-energy bin for SME’s and homes. EYWA allows you to convert common waste materials(papers, plastics, coffee cups etc) directly into green electricity!

When waste is placed in EYWA it begins a thermal treatment process which breaks the waste into a hydrogen rich gas. That gas is cleaned before reaching the Solid Oxide Fuel Cell at which point it is reformed into electricity. The Pyrolysis chamber self cleans and is ready for the next cycle.


Fasade helps customers reduce their growing CO2 emissions through better cloud data management practices. There is a great deal of unnecessary or redundant data that an enterprise stores (around 80% of the total amount), and Fasade is an online tool that aggregates, audits and then helps to reduce this data, allowing organisations to save money on cloud storage and reduce GHG emissions in the process.

SEE Labs

Providing smart advanced solutions to repurpose the batteries for light vehicles and household applications that mitigates climate change globally by reducing several pollutants like toxic chemicals contained in the batteries that will otherwise end up in landfills or recycling centres and affect the environment and/or public health.


Sucoil has developed a sponge to revolutionise how oil and hydrocarbon spills are cleaned up. They recycle the oil and their sponge gets reused multiple times and finally repurposed. They have produced the world’s first, cost-effective, environmentally friendly,re-usable, oil remediation material to combat environmental pollution and climate change.


Whirl digital platform empowers its customers to build confidence in new technologies (starting with electric cars and their chargers), supporting you in as you learn what you need to know to get ready to buy. Clean energy technologies are most impactful when they form an eco-system. However, they are sold separately and the process for home-own to acquire them piece by piece is complex, stressful and poorly designed. Creating a digital end-to-end model for consumers alleviates the “piecing it together” in a way that works for the customer.


Woodify is a cloud integrated platform that provides building designers with realtime low-embodied-carbon material substitution advice, including predictive LCA and circularity modelling.  This enables a faster, cheaper, and greener Australian building industry.  Woodify wants to use timber to reduce waste, optimise material and structural efficiency, simplify advanced offsite manufacturing, and dramatically cut down on the construction industry’s reliance on GHG-emitting materials and processes.

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$50,000 development grant up for grabs, thanks to Humanitech


Humanitech, our major prize partner, is generously offering a $50,000 development grant for an emerging tech idea coming out of ClimateLaunchpad Australia in 2021. The grant will support the successful team to pilot their concept within the Australian Red Cross operations along with other partners in the humanitarian sector. Please note that the Development Grant is subject to Terms & Conditions.


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ClimateLaunchpad was a complete gamechanger for us. We went from having what we thought was a pretty solid idea, to a fully-fledged plan for taking our product to market, which has enabled us to commence our seed funding round, with a really promising outlook.

– Cesira Leigh, Co-Founder of Sunovate and 2018 Australian winner

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Yep, of course there are prizes and pathways for the Global Grand Final winners. The real prize? Networking opportunities and a chance to find your first customer or investor.

Key dates 2021^.

Applications open 8 March 2021
Submission deadline 30 April 2021
Successful teams notified 7 May 2021
Self-directed Online course 8-21 May 2021 (approx 1 hour)
Boot Camp – Qld  (3 afternoons) 24-26 May 2021
Boot Camp – NSW (3 afternoons) 27-29 May 2021
Boot Camp – Vic (3 afternoons) 31 May-2 June 2021
Boot Camp – WA (3 afternoons) 3-5 June 2021
Webinars & coaching (1 evening hour/wk over 4 weeks) 10-24 June 2021
Pitch Panels (pitch against your colleagues from your boot camp) (1 evening/state) – specific dates TBC 5-12 July 2021
National Pitch Final (Australia’s best compete!) Late August 2021 (TBD)
South-East Asia Pitch Final (TBC) September 2021 (TBD)
Global Pitch Final  October 2021 (TBD)
^ Plans change, things go wrong, we’re all just people. Dates are subject to change.


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