16 December 2022, Sydney – Last week, the Business Renewables Centre Australia (BRC-A) initiative launched a new Buyer’s Diagnostic Tool and refreshed website to facilitate Australian companies to procurement more renewable electricity.

What’s new

BRC-A have developed a Buyers Diagnostic Tool to help companies new to renewable electricity to quickly identify their procurement options. The Tool asks three simple questions and recommends 2-4 options for buying renewable electricity based on your responses. It provides a starting point for companies in talking to their advisors and for learning more about each option when beginning their Scope 2 decarbonisation journey.

The new BRC-A website provides a more customised user learning journey, featuring a user dashboard of relevant resources for BRC-A members. 20+ resources (guides and templates) are all available on the website, and users can register for training and events, such as corporate PPA Training Bootcamps and the Buying Power Webinar series. The website features lists of specialists, as well as projects available for offtake and leadership case studies from across Australian industry.


Australian industry’s renewable energy awareness is growing, but still has room for growth. While the first movers have executed renewable PPAs (see the BRC-A Deal Tracker), a huge opportunity remains for the rest of industry to follow. Together with the BRC-A community of learning and resources, the new Tool and website are designed to further address these barriers to industry scaling up efforts in renewable energy procurement and grid decarbonisation.

How it aligns with the goals of Climate-KIC Australia and BRC-A’s objectives

BRC-A have always been focused on helping energy buyers or corporates procure renewable energy for their operations and the project does that through education, guidance in workshops, topical events and knowledge sharing in any and all capacities. The tool further adds to that by providing additional information for those at square-one in an efficient and quick manner. BRC-A enables small-to-medium organisations that are resource constrained to set a starting point and trajectory for change.

Try the tool

You can try the new Buyer Diagnostic tool and see the new website at businessrenewables.org.au – and begin your renewable electricity journey.

Business Renewables Centre – Australia – Buyers Diagnostic Tool

BRC-A have developed a tool to make it easier to choose the best offsite renewable electricity procurement options for your company. While there is a range of factors affecting your choice of options, they have narrowed it down to just 3 simple but important questions.

It’s the first step in the process and will guide you to where to get more information. And it’s free.

Try the tool