ClimateLaunchpad 2023

The world's most successful cleantech and green business ideas competition.

Meet the teams

Australian Modular Solutions

Australian Modular Solutions supplies and installs modular buildings for events that can fold down and be transported with an 80% reduction on current transport options. The modular structures not only reduce the number of trucks required to run an event, but solar panels can be installed on the roof and battery systems installed in the floor. This means that events no longer need to rely on diesel-powered generators to run their structures.


Cedar is a climate emissions data and reporting platform, for companies to view the carbon emissions within their supply chains. Cedar calculates the overall carbon emissions down their supply chain, and collates the data into one simple scope 3 emissions report. Cedar makes it easy for companies to be transparent about the carbon emissions in their supply chain.


Cycleau is a compact greywater treatment system designed to retrofit across sinks, showers, and laundry units to recycle wastewater for potable use. Their technology advances users’ resilience to public water contaminants while reducing the impacts of sewage pollution on open waterways.

Environmental Service Pod

Presently, building services are provided by a fragmented supplier network. Integration and communication among these various building services is often impossible. Environmental Service Pod offers a comprehensive building service system that is prefabricated and modularised. It provides electrical, building conditioning and water services needs with off-grid potential, primarily operating on renewable energy. They provide healthy radiative conditioning (cooling and heating) systems with energy recovery ventilation, fulfilling the requirements of a complete environmentally responsive services system.


FlexAI is a startup introducing a revolutionary intelligent material that is flexible and armed with artificial intelligence. This sustainable material can be used in building, fashion, and transportation, as it adapts to any form and function. It has the unique ability to change shape and protect users in various situations, while also being easily recyclable, reducing waste and excessive production.

Forever Blooms Floral Hire

Forever Blooms Floral Hire is all about the use and reuse of artificial floral arrangements at events. According to the Australian Flower Traders Association, “more than 50% of all flowers sold in Australia are imported” . This trade aimed at satisfying the consumer demand for single use flowers at a range of events, involves land use and the associated opportunity cost, water use. Their artificial floral arrangements have been designed and created by a professional florist to offer the aesthetic of real flowers without the allergy triggers, limitations of seasonal availability and cost and waste factors of flowers sourced for a single use.


The built environment currently accounts for approximately 40% of global greenhouse gas emissions annually, representing one of the most significant contributors to climate change.
In response to this challenge, GreenCoat is developing a next-generation plasma-coating smart window solution that will dramatically increase the energy efficiency of buildings. By changing the opacity of windows in response to real-time environmental conditions, GreenCoat significantly decreases unwanted heat transfer through windows, resultantly reducing the need and reliance on financially and environmentally costly heating, ventilation & air-conditioning (HVAC)systems to moderate the indoor temperatures and thermal comfort of buildings.
GreenCoat is designed as an end-to-end IoT-enabled solution that also allows integration with Building Management and Automation Systems to optimise energy consumption even further, with lighting and HVAC adjusted accordingly depending on window opacity.

Pass the Parcel AU

Pass The Parcel AU is replacing single-use gift wrap by creating fabric gift wrap, made with recycled or organic material. It will build global community by tracking the fabric wrap that has been gifted, as well as the carbon saved (and generated) on its regifted journey.
The wraps are a hemmed fabric square with ribbon attached at the centre, allowing for a range of differently sized and shaped gifts to be wrapped.

Waste Free Events

Waste Free Events was created to support and guide schools and community groups to run events with as little waste as possible. Having monitored bins and reusables instead of single use items is a big part of the solution but there’s a lot more involved. Waste Free Events plan to give presentations, share resources and give consultations to guide people. There are Zero Waste Kits available, Bin Stations and Reusables to hire however a lot of people don’t know what’s available. That’s where Waste Free Events comes in.

Key dates 2023^

Applications open 8 March 2023
Preliminary submission deadline 26 April 2023
Final submission deadline 3 May 2023
Successful teams notified 12 May 2023
Self-directed Online course 15-29 May 2023 (approx 1 hour)
Boot Camp  Day 1 – Geelong  (hybrid delivery) 30 May 2023, 14.00 – 19.00 AEST
Boot Camp  Day 2 – Geelong  (hybrid delivery) 31 May 2023, 14.00 – 19.00 AEST
Boot Camp  Day 3 – Geelong  (hybrid delivery) 1 June 2023, 14.00 – 19.00 AEST
Webinar 1 14 June 2023, 17.00-18.30 AEST
Webinar 2 19 June 2023, 17.00-18.30 AEST
Webinar 3 26 June 2023, 17.00-18.30 AEST
Pitch panel 3 July 2023, 15:30-18.30 AEST
Mentoring (teams are matched with a hand-picked mentor that complements their skill-set – 1 hr/wk for 4 wks) 3 July – 29 July 2023
Pitch Final 11 August 2023


^ Plans change, things go wrong, we’re all just people. Dates are subject to change.

Meet team CLP

Sina Lengelsen
Principal - Innovation Programs Climate-KIC Australia

As Principal of Innovation Programs, Sina comes with a strong background in NGO management, international project development, communications and an education from Harvard University. Sina is best equipped to point the next climate change innovators in the right direction.

Jes Hyne
Lead - Marketing and Communications Climate-KIC Australia

Jes is responsible for Climate-KIC Australia’s communications and outreach. With a background working in international organisations, Jessica finds the stories within complicated processes or technical concepts, to connect with audiences and celebrate the successes of climate change changers.

Hans Westerhof
Startup Trainer Occami / ClimateLaunchpad

Startup trainer with background in a broad range of industries and environments. Current focus: startup acceleration in carbon removal and raw materials (metals & minerals) industries through entrepreneurship education, coaching and financing. Focus on execution. Experience in directing projects and programs (US 100 million +).

Our partners

Many thanks to the City of Greater Geelong for sponsoring the ClimateLaunchpad Australian program in 2023. ClimateLaunchpad is part of the entrepreneurship offerings of EIT Climate-KIC. Climate-KIC Australia delivers the ClimateLaunchpad program in Australia.